Machine Stretch Film

Cast machine stretch film supplied on between 16.2 & 16.5 kilo reels. Its high clarity characteristics make cast film an ideal choice when bar-code scanning is required. As it has very little tack added to the film it is much quieter than blown film as it leaves the roll yet its smooth surface enables the film to stick to itself.

Cast film has a better memory than blown film which ensures a tighter finish after a wrap cycle. We also supply 12mu Power with a guaranteed stretch ratio of 300% to supply the ultimate cost effective wrapping solution and pre-stretched film giving your existing standard machine the same performance and cast savings as a power pre.

Product specifications - 46 rolls per pallet

Spec Width (mm) Length (mm) Product Code
17mu Standard 500 1950 50017CS
20mu Standard 500 1650 50020CS
23mu Standard 500 1450 50023CS
12mu Power 500 2900 50012CP
17mu Power 500 1950 50017CP
20mu Power 500 1650 50020CP
23mu Power 500 1450 50023CP
25mu Black Power 500 1350 50025BP
7mu Pre-Stretch 425 4200 4257PS

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