Hand stretch film

Hand stretch film is an easy and effective way to secure your palletised goods. It also helps to protect your product against dirt & moisture and offers some surface protection. Available with standard flush cores or alternatively extended cores which are easy to use without the need for a dispenser.

Additional Information:

  • Our hand rolls are "blown film" which has a slightly hazy appearance but is available in many colour tints. Its added tack levels make it an ideal choice for cold stores. 14,17,20,23 & 34mu thicknesses are available from stock. 500mm wide film is also available.

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Product specifications - Standard Core - 6 rolls per carton

Spec Width (mm) Length (mm) Code
Standard 400 300 4314N
Plus 400 300 4317N
Premium 400 300 7320N
Heavy 400 300 4323N
Extreme 400 200 4234N
Standard 500 300 5314N
Plus 500 300 5317N
Premium 500 300 5320N
Heavy - Black 500 250 525B

Product specifications - Extended Core - 6 rolls per carton

Spec Width (mm) Length (mm) Code
Standard 400 300 4314E
Plus 400 300 4317E
Premium 400 300 4320E
Heavy 400 300 4323E
Extreme 400 200 4234E

Why buy Hand Stretch Film from contact packaging?

  • Available from stock
  • Premium quality film
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Expert advice
  • Cast and pre-stretch also available