FAQ on Custom Printed Tape

What can I put onto the tape?

We can include any details you require from simple text to the most complex of logo designs

How many colours can I have printed?

All our ranges of printed tape are available to be printed in up to 3 colours

How wide are the rolls of printed tape?

Your printed tapes can be produced in many widths from the smallest of 12mm through to 150mm the most popular tape being the 50mm roll. The width of roll is entirely the customers choice to suit the product and packaging requirements

How long are the rolls of printed tape?

All our Printed Tapes are available in standard 66m and 132m rolls. We can also supply 1000m rolls for taping machinery, custom widths can be produced for all our customers to suit their packaging requirements.

Can you prepare my design?

We have a state of the art design service who can handle all your design requirements

How much does it cost for the design work?

Our design service includes free visual ideas to show you just how good your tape can look. We only charge for the design once we make your printing plates. This is a one-off charge, on larger orders we can discount the cost of your printing plates

Are you able to match the colours of my logo?

We use the pantone matching system just provide your logo or pantone numbers and we will do the rest.

Can you provide samples?

Just contact our sales team and we will be pleased to forward samples to you.

Will I see the final design before its printed?

All our customers will see a colour proof of the tape before we begin the printing process

How long does it take to deliver my order?

We aim to deliver your tape within 7 working days

Which type of tape do I need?

We stock PVC , Polypropylene, tapes with solvent and acrylic adhesives and also hotmelt adhesive. Simply let us know the application that the tape will be used in and the materials it will be stuck to and we can advise on the most cost effective tape for your purposes.

Which is the best tape?

All our printed tapes are of the best quality, our customers need the tape that will do the best possible job for them, our sales team can advise on the most suitable product

How many rolls do I need to order?

We produce various roll quantities for our customers but we do have minimum order quantities, depending on the size and width of the roll. As an example a 50mm roll will be boxed with 72 rolls per carton and the minimum order would be two cartons

Can we email our logo to you?

Yes we work using a PC system supply your logo in a jpeg or acrobat file and we can do the rest

What does delivery cost?

Delivery is free across the UK