Our Quality and Service

Here are 5 reasons why our customers choose us for their strapping machines and other requirements:

  • Easy to order
  • Highest quality printing
  • ALL work carried out in-house
  • Usual delivery within 7 days
  • Flexible sizes and quantities

Our Standard range of barrier tapes are ideal for individuals and businesses who require a tape which is easy to use for identifying hazards. Non-adhesive Barrier tapes can be printed to your requirements to carry most generic warning messages. Our completely in-house production process for barrier tape allows us to turn round jobs within a matter of days in most cases .

Your customisation options

  • Danger Warnings
  • Tailormade warnings to suit your requirements.
  • Widths of barrier tape from 50mm - 75mm-100mm-150mm
  • Length of rolls can be manufactured from 66m – 250m - 990m

What is standard barrier tape useful for?

  • Barrier tape is used to mark off an area where construction, danger or crowd safety is required The tape is usually placed so that people know to stay at a safe distance away from possible dangers.
  • Barrier tape is often used in promotion exhibitions or during sporting events . The tape helps to cordon off areas or create paths
  • Barrier tape of this type is usually brightly coloured, making it easy for people to see the tape.

Who typically uses standard barrier tape?

  • The general work place
  • Construction Industry
  • Police, Military, Aviation. Medical
  • Exhibitions and Events, both indoor and outdoor
  • Sporting Events, to restrict movement of spectators to safe areas or selected viewing areas and advertise brands and logos

Width and length options

Available widths:

  • 50mm barrier tape
  • 75mm barrier tape
  • 100mm barrier tape
  • 150mm barrier tape

Available lengths:

  • 250m and 500m roll lengths

Colour Options

  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • yellow
  • black