EXR-201 Horizontal Wrapper

Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

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Available options

For banding or continuous operation to wrap long lengths

Foot pedal operation

Fully adjustable tension control and rotation speed, up to 100RPM

Automatic film clamp and cutting

For smaller volume users


  • Belt driven rotation unit
  • Number of wraps adjustable from 3-20
  • Continuous operating cycle by foot-control
  • Adjustable film tension
  • Rotation speed adjustable, up to 100rpm
  • Film delivery system with fractioned roller
  • Pneumatically operated clamping, cutting and welding unit
  • Film width: 76mm • Film thickness: 19-35 micron
  • Max. film outer diameter: 178mm
  • Max. Rectangle: 508mm x 178cm
  • Max. Square: 305mm x 305mm
  • Min. Square: 102mm x 102mm
  • Power Supply: 100/110/220/230/240V., 50/60HZ, 1-Phase
  • Pneumatic system: 6 ± 1 bar