Automatic Case Sealer SM44

Stretch Wrapper Overview

Machines able to adjust themselves on the various box sizes and close the boxes top flaps automatically (without operator).

Working Cycle

  • AS24 centers the boxes and allow one box per time to enter in the SM44 
  • The centered box is driven into the machine
  • The SM44 detects the box and let the top taping head frame descent
  • The driving belts close themselves and drive the box through the SM44
  • The top flap folder closes the top flaps 
  • The taping heads seal the top & bottom flaps 

Motorizations – Top Taping Head Frame – Pressure Rollers
Movements through linear guides with self lubricant ball bearings

Pneumatic Control Panel
On the machine to comply the UE/CE norms. 
Faster valves & cylinders reactions.

Electrical Control Panel
Omron PLC (other on request), including trouble shooting & intuitive graphic.
Switch allowing to choose within:
  1- Uniform size Program
  2- Random size Program
  3- Boxes pass through Program 

Technical Data SM44-SM44/4HD + AS24/550

Warranty Information:

  • 12 months return to base warranty.
  • Fully CE Compliant


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