Lantech Q-300

Stretch Wrapper Overview:

Founded in 1972, Lantech invented the pallet wrapper as we know it today. Their mission statement is simple: to reduce or eliminate the huge amount of shipping damage that occurs as products make their way across the world. A global Company Lantech wrap machines are found all over the World in so many of the leading food, beverage & pharmaceutical companies due to their unlimited cycle 3 year warranty and superior build quality.

Stretch Wrapper Standard Features:

  • 3 year unlimited cycle warranty
  • 200% Power Pre-Stretch
  • 1650mm Turntable
  • 1814 Kilos Max load weight
  • 2032mm Wrapping Height
  • Home position: the turntable always stops at the same position
  • Adjustable film carriage speed
  • Choose between 0-9 wraps at the top and bottom of the pallet
  • Turntable speed adjustable to a maximum of 12rpm
  • Magnetic break holds turntable still during the loading/unloading
  • Intelli-Sensor for pallet height detection even on dark loads

Stretch Wrapper Standard Options:

  • Remote control
  • Heavy duty loading ramp
  • 2790mm Wrapping height
  • 1829mm & 2438mm Turntables
  • 300% Pre-Stretch
  • Freezer Pack allows operation in -29°C
  • EZ Weigh advanced pallet weighing system
  • Pallet grip

Stretch Wrapper Specifications:

  • roll width:500mm
  • roll outer dia:250mm
  • roll inner dia:76mm
  • foot print 1702mm x 3023mm
  • power supply: single phase / 16amps

Stretch Wrapper Safety Features:

  • conforms to current HSE legislations
  • safety cut-out on film carriage and control panel
  • height limitation sensors
  • 500mm gap between the edge of the turntable and the nearest fixed point
  • Counter balance weigh on film carriage

Stretch Wrapper Warranty Information:

  • Free 24 months parts 12 months labour & travel warranty (terms & conditions apply)
  • Extend your warranty for up to 5 years for long term peace of mind

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