Robot Pallet Wrapper

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Robot Pallet Wrapper

  • Stretch Wrapper − EXP-630

    Machine Overview

    The Exp-630 is a mobile wrapping machine suitable for stretch wrapping most types and size of pallet. With no maximum wrapping size it makes it the most cost effective solution for pallets or loads too big for a standard turntable machine. They also provide a solution for very heavy loads as the weight limit is your floor!

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Are the machines CE marked?

All our Pallet Wrapping Machines are CE marked and each one is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity listing all the current directives that apply. Please note that we see many machines for sale that carry the CE marking but do not comply. There are possibly 2 reasons for this; 1. They could argue that if a machine is enclosed in barriers it would compensate for any failings and 2. As far as HSE UK is concerned the standards are regarded as good practise and not necessarily law. As you have a duty of care to ensure the machine is safe to use for your operators we prefer our machines to comply from the beginning.

What turntable size should I use?

If you are wrapping standard UK pallets of 1200mm x 1000mm you need a machine with at least a 1650mm turntable. Turntables of 1500mm are designed for use with Euro pallets and should not be used on anything bigger as you will get overhang and this would create a real health risk to anyone stood in the immediate vicinity of the machine. Pallets should fit within the turntable diameter at all times.

How fast are the Pallet Wrapping Machines?