Buying the right film reduces maintenance costs

Buying the right film reduces maintenance costs

Buying the right film reduces maintenance costs

As well as being one of the most successful suppliers of pallet wrap machines in the UK Contact Packaging are also major distributors of machine stretch film.

We only ever buy premium grade film so the quality of the material matches that of the machine. The gives the customer value for money in 2 ways:

  • High quality wrapping every single time
  • Reduced maintenance


Our engineers often respond to complaints about machine performance only to find the issue to be the film quality. This happened again recently where a customer complained about the machine breaking the film and when the engineer arrived he discovered the customer had changed supplier. They had previously bought the film from us but had moved for a cheaper price. Contact’s film is capable of being stretched to 250% but the new suppliers was only 150% and as the machine is set to stretch the film 200% the new suppliers film simply was not good enough and would tear and break all the time. By loading the machine with our film the problem instantly went away and they ordered a full pallet from us. The saving they made on a pallet of film was only £37.00!

Cheap Films

Another issue you get with cheap films is the transfer of talc from the film to the rollers. The talc is there to stop the static but too much and it will transfer to the rollers stopping them from sticking so your expensive power pre-stretch machine becomes a cheap core break.The biggest problem with buying film from another supplier is every time you have an issue with film they will always blame the machine. Buy both your machine and film from Contact Packaging and get trouble free usage as we have to resolve any problem you may have.


We can also offer free maintenance packages on the back of the film supply. Speak to our dedicated film sales manager Simon Murray on 01772 694140

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