Contact Packaging Ltd now stock Cross Weave Vibac Packaging Tape

Contact Packaging Ltd now stock Cross Weave Vibac Packaging Tape

Vibac Cross Weave Tape is a reinforced pressure sensitive adhesive tape designed for applications where high resistance to tensile stress is required.

Main application is basically for heavy weight box sealing, binding pipes and Palletising goods. The adhesive is a synthetic rubber and resins and the product consists of a Polypropylene film on cross weave fibreglass. High resistance to ageing and moisture. Is waterproof and has a excellent mechanical strength Has an instant adhesion to irregular surfaces.


The benefits of Cross Weave Vibac tape is that is does not break easily, Has a long lasting adhesion which also has a long lasting adhesion in outdoor conditions and applications too. Is very ideal for binding and is easy to use. The product comes with a printed Vibac core and carton making it stand out from the rest giving this a professional finish.

Why Choose Contact Packaging?

With over 60 different product lines on the packaging tapes currently in stock Contact Packaging have all your packaging requirements under one roof! We also guarantee a Next day delivery service on orders placed up to 3pm. Phil has a very good knowledge and background within the Trade and should you need any assistance then please contact him and he’ll have the answers right there for you.

How to order

A simple email or Phone call to Phil at Contact Packaging is all it will take and you could have the product in your hands the very next day. All orders and enquiries are welcome – Phil will offer only the very best prices on both small and large quantities. · If you are looking for any Vibac packaging tapes then Contact Phil Today !!!!

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Franziska Doppler07:58 26 Mar, 2020

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I have been looking for a genuine vibac tape supplier from a very long time and finally found one here.