48mm x 66m Fragile Low Noise Tape

48mm x 66m Fragile Low Noise Tape

Contact Packaging have recently taken a delivery of our branded 48mm x 66m Fragile low noise tape. Since launched last year we have sold over 250,000 rolls of this product and the business is still progressing.

We guarantee a 66m length with an extra tack to the adhesive making our customers very happy every time they order this product from us. Fragile tape is a very popular product in the UK and Contact Packaging have very good stock levels now at their warehouse in Preston

Get this whilst you can as stocks move very fast!!!!!!

Call Phil today for a quote We are also the largest importer of VIBAC tapes stocking over 60 different lines spending over £2m each Year.

Contact Packaging are also now very happy to introduce their new product Printed Paper packaging tapes

This is an ideal solution to your packaging needs and can be personalised from 1 to 3 colours.

Lead times are fantastic taking only 14 working days from date of approval to delivery to your warehouse.

Paper tape is used without the need for water activation, self-adhesive paper tape sticks securely to cardboard boxes and cartons. Available in brown 

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