A new product has been launched at Contact Packaging Plc

A new product has been launched at Contact Packaging Plc

I’m glad to let you all know that we are now importing the low noise acrylic tape from Vibac ref 828m.

This product is a Polypropylene pressure sensitive water based adhesive tape – comes in Clear, Buff or White and is designed for manual carton sealing.

It’s typical Applications are basic carton sealing and can be used with and without a carton tape dispenser.

It’s high conformability makes this product compatible with moisture after application and has a good mechanical strength which helps give this tape a instant adhesion even to irregular surfaces.

This product has a high grammage which again helps with resistance to temperature change.

The overall benefits of using this product is simply that it is easy to use even on irregular surfaces, has a long lasting adhesion and is suitable for non-critical carton sealing.

The product itself is of low noise properties and does not lose adhesion during use.

This product must be stored in a dry place preferably horizontally.

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