Going forward with printed tape

Going forward with printed tape

Printing adhesive tape has always had restrictions on the number of colours available to our

customers. Although we can pantone colour match and print custom tape in three colours we are

always looking to provide an accurate representation of logos and artwork onto the adhesive tape.

We are currently investing & experimenting with our printing screens and plate material supplier

to increase our accuracy with half tones and tints. All our printed tape customers will benefit  from

an increase in our range of tones and tints enabling our printed tape team to produce even more

accurate logo reproduction.


In house plate making gives us the opportunity to experiment with density of the tones and the shape

& size of the dot.  This gives the completed custom tape a sharp precise finish and a greater depth of colour.


Our work is ongoing as we strive to continually be at the forefront of development and industry leading quality.

Peter Leatherbarrow

Peter Leatherbarrow 

Print Dept Manager


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