I Want Vibac Tape for Christmas

I Want Vibac Tape for Christmas

Contact Packaging are the largest importers of Vibac tapes in the Uk to date.

Currently spending over £2m each Year makes them by far the leading distributor with a long lasting relationship between them.

One of their main lines is a product known as Vibac ref 831. Contact Packaging sell approx 32,400 rolls every month of the standard roll size 48mm x 66m but also stock and offer a much wider range on this line.

They can offer a next day service to most parts of the UK and are forever growing in terms of knowledge and service. This product is a polypropylene pressure sensitive adhesive tape and is available in clear and buff also white if required.

This product is designed to be silent when in use which is the ideal packaging tape to be used in busy environments such as workstations or large packing areas. The 831 product has a good mechanical strength which allows instant adhesion even to irregular surfaces and has a high grammage which helps in its resistant in changes of temperature.

When applied in room temperatures this product will still work in freezer temperatures The overall benefits of using this product is in fact that it is a great product to use on irregular surfaces and has a long lasting adhesion and is suitable for carton sealing silent. Contact Phil for prices on this fantastic product

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