Why A Free Machine Actually May Cost You More

Why A Free Machine Actually May Cost You More

Like many other industries out there we have our fair share of "Special Offers" in our industry that appear to be great but they are not always what they seem! 

One of the most popular schemes around at the moment is the offer of a free pallet wrapping machine! The prospect of not having to pay out a few thousand Pound for a machine will always appeal but the problem is these deals are often stacked in favour of the supplier and not the customer.

How does it work? Well first of all the supplier will often need to offset the cost of the machine through some sort of lease agreement as not all will so cash rich they can afford to be sending out tens of thousands of Pounds of equipment with very little return in the short run. The customer will be required to sign a contact committing them to purchasing "X" amount of film per week/month/year at an inflated price that has to cover 1. The cost of the machine and 2. The standard profit you would expect to make on the film sales. All well and good but what happens when you get busy and use more film than you intended? Easy answer to that is with every extra order the price you pay for the machine increases. Will you have time to monitor this closely? From experience we have come across customers who have paid for their machine many times over, we have never yet come across a deal we cannot improve on.

At Contact Packaging we believe that should a customer want to avoid the initial investment of a new machine then a much more cost effective and transparent way forward would be to take a machine on a lease own deal. We can either work with your existing finance company or we can sort it for you; the rates should be the same as we do not make a single penny profit on the finance only on the machine sale itself. With lease own you only pay the first month as a deposit plus any set fee. You then make a small monthly payment over the period on the contract and at the end of term the machine is yours (usually there is a small transfer of ownership fee). You can take a lease own deal for a machine with and without maintenance. By doing it this way you are free to purchase the film from whoever you want to. Of course we want to be that supplier, we are very competitive, only every source our film from Europe to ensure consistent high quality and we 100% guarantee the weight we charge you for will be accurate.

Stretch Wrapping Machines can be supplied on a lease own deal for a little as £100.00 + vat per month on a 3 year deal (1+36).

For more information or to receive prices please call our sales team on 01772 694140 or email machines@contact-packaging.co.uk

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