Latest Success Story

Latest Success Story

Hello and welcome back to the Contact Packaging blog,

We thought it would be nice to share a success story on our page and illustrate why we truly are the one stop shop for printing and packaging products.

A major textile company in Greater Manchester who produce duvets and pillows for the UKs premium supplier of beds, pillows & duvets had two old core brake stretch wrapper's, these machines were using 380g of film at a price tag of 60p per pallet.

We had a great deal of competition with other competitors and our machine (Exp-108 Stretch Wrapper) went on trial, simultaneously with one of our biggest challengers!

Contact Packaging was successful with the Exp-108 and the leading textile company was pleased to have adopted the product and collaborate with us.

The Exp-108 is an efficient and effective piece of equipment, producing a far more superior wrap quality, using just 190g of film at a cost of 31p per pallet. In addition, we were able to reduce the time required to complete a wrap cycle by 30%, improving productivity.

Now, the client currently wraps 80 pallets per shift, 3 shifts per day & 5 days per week. The estimated film saving alone in the first 12 months was £16,704, which is almost double the amount invested in the two new machines!

Andy Saxton, Machinery Sales Manager for Contact Packaging says: As you can imagine I took a lot of personal satisfaction from the order.





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