Vibac Solvent 400-401 Tape

Vibac Solvent 400/401 Tape

This pressure sensitive adhesive tape for carton sealing or bundling. Its ability to perform at low temperatures make this the ideal choice when the product is to go into a freezer. All machine length rolls (990m) are 28mu; Vibac code 500/501.

Backing: Bi-oriented 25mu polypropylene film​

Colours: Clear, white & brown

Adhesive: Natural rubber & resins

Total Thickness: 40mu

Adhesion to steel: 250g/cm

Tensile Strength: 4.0 kg/cm

Elongation at break: 140%

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Code Description RPC
1266CS 12mm x 66m Clear 144
1966CS 19mm x 66m Clear 96
2566CS 25mm x 66m Clear 72
2566BS 25mm x 66m Brown 72
3866CS 38mm x 66m Clear 48
3866BS 38mm x 66m Brown 48
38990CS 38mm x 990m Clear 8
4866CS 48mm x 66m Clear 36
4866BS 48mm x 66m Brown 36
48132CS 48mm x 132m Clear 36
48132BS 48mm x 132m Brown 36
48990CS 48mm x 990m Clear 6
48990BS 48mm x 990m Brown 6
7566CS 45mm x 66m Clear 24
7566BS 75mm x 66m Brown 24
75132CS 75mm x 132m Clear 24
75132BS 75mm x 132m Brown 24
75990CS 75mm x 990m Clear 4
9666CS 96mm x 66m Clear 18


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