Vibac Paper Masking Tape

Vibac Paper Masking Tape

A general purpose masking tape used for coatings and surface protection in building DIY & painting. Low tack automotive and high temperature grades are also available.

Backing: Saturated semi-crepe paper 60gsm (110mu)

Colours: Ivory

Adhesive: Natural rubber & resins

Total Thickness: 130mu

Adhesion to steel: 260g/cm

Tensile Strength: 4.0 kg/cm

Elongation at break: 9%

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Code Description RPC
1250GP 12mm x 50m 144
1850GP 18mm x 50m 96
2450GP 24mm x 50m 72
3650SP 36mm x 50m 48
4850GP 48mm x 50m 36
7250GP 72mm x 50m 24


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